Oddisee “You Know Who You Are” ft. Olivier Daysoul (Acoustic Version)

Oddisee, DC producer, showing us what’s real. He isn’t concerned with that mainstream radio swag. Conscious music lives on.

Free download of the track here.


Oddisee - “I’m from P.G.”

Blasting this in the headphones at work puts me in that motivational mindstate. #ChampionSh!t


Out Da Box TV - ODDISEE Interview (Part 1)

Don’t sleep on Oddisee, Brooklyn based producer/MC of Diamond District. His musical talents and intelligence is stretching internationally due to his passion and commitment to creating good music. You don’t hear him rapping about crack, hoes, or chains. Only positive influences are coming from this guy. Won’t be long until you’re playing him in your whip and headphones. Turn it up!